8 settembre – 10 settembre 2021, Milano, Italia

Nell’ambito della conferenza, il team di ricerca di Weplat ha presentato un documento intitolato:

Digital platforms and social innovation in welfare systems

The emergence of digital platforms is contributing to thorough transformations in every sector of the economy, as well as other societal domains such as – to name but a few – education, energy, the media and personal services. The rise of platforms initially involved mostly the tourism and transport sectors. More recently, this process has begun to spread into other sectors and welfare is among them. Yet, the impact of platform on the provision of welfare services is relatively unexplored. This paper addressed the problem looking at whether welfare platforms present specific elements in interface design, work organization and user involvement compared to platforms operating in other sectors. Our hypothesis is that the platform is not neutral with respect to goods/service they intermediate. In particular, we aim to show that that the provision of welfare services has specific features that require the construction of organizational models at least in part ad hoc for the sector (Flanagan 2019; Ticona, Mateescu 2018; Dupret 2017).

Cecilia Manzo, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Ivana Pais, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Flaviano Zandonai, Gruppo Cooperativo CGM

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